Rain Rain go away…. If that doesn’t work. Bring your clothes to us!

The weather is starting to become less ideal, with all this rain. And Winter is fast approaching. So here’s a couple of tips that we at DeLuxe, want to make sure you’re thinking about when it comes to your wardrobe and this extreme weather!
For all the heavy rain, its imperative that clothes are dried properly after wearing them. Whatever you do, don’t leave clothes dirty and damp. So first air out any damp clothing by hanging it on a clothes line or an a hook in any dry area of the house (NOT in the dryer as that will cause stains, perspiration, smells, etc to set). After the clothes have dried, wash normally in the washing machine and then put in the dryer.
Never put wet clothing in a plastic bag, as that does not allow the items to breathe and will lead to bacteria and mold growth! If you find that you have  made this mistake, bring your items into DeLuxe right away as we are professionals at saving clothes from mold and restoring your items to as good as new!

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