Best Dressed Customer 2013!

Best Dressed Customer 2013!

We hope y’all had a great Christmas!

We all voted for the first time ever, and our winner for the best dressed customer at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans is… Mr Arthur Hickerson. President and Funeral Director of Heritage Funeral Directors!
Click on the picture to find out more about Mr Hickerson’s business.

How to Wear Gray

How to Wear Gray by Working Woman Style

Working Woman Style

Call it gray or grey. Call it cool, calm, and collected. But don’t call it boring.

Gray has a mysterious allure, sitting between black and white, dull and fascinating. Viewed as cold and dreary, the “color without a color” is actually sophisticated and rather amiable. It plays well with other colors, yet is strong enough to stand alone. Most women can find a shade that works for their skin tone and hair color. Gray is smart and refined in a tailored suit, plush coat, slim pencil skirt, or accessories. No, not boring at all.

Still stuck on neutral? Here are some ideas for going gray.

Style Inspiration – The Gray Area

Concrete Jungle


A Touch of Gray

Gray Accessories That Work (Working Woman Style on Polyvore)

Gray Lady

Covered in Gray

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A brief history of Dry Cleaning…

A brief history of Dry Cleaning...

Professional garment care has been around since the Roman Empire. Cleaners were called “Fullers” back then, they used lye and ammonia as well as a type of clay called “Fuller’s earth” to absorb soils and greases from clothing too delicate for laundering.

The first published reference to the use of spirits or turpentine for removing atr and varnish was in 1690. It wasn’t until 1716 that turpentine (a distillation of pine pitch) began to be used as a “dry cleaner” to supplement the wet cleaning processes. Throughout the ages, tuperntine has had several names: oil of turpentine, spirits of turperntine, camphene, and “turps.”

Even before organic solvent was used to clean garments by immersion, a cleaner of clothes was known as a “Degraisseur.” The French name for a cleaner was “Teinturuer-degraisseur (a dyer-degreaser).

In the early 1900’s, drycleaners began using spirits of turpentine, called “camphene,” as a drycleaning solvent. The firm, Jolly-Belin in Paris, France, is credited with spearheading the firstr successful use of spirits of turpentine as a commercial drycleaning solvent. This discovery quickly spread to other countries on the continent and later to Britain.

The first use of a drycleaning soap was in Germany. In 1928, Stoddard solvent, which had a higher flash point than other solvbents currently being used was introduce. In 1932, chlorinated hydrocarbonds-nonflammable synthetic solvents-were introduced in the United States.

It’s cold outside, winter is here!

It's cold outside, winter is here!

Winter is here!…Our knees are knocking, and our teeth are chattering! As we’re all layering up to keep these cold weather symptoms at bay, your winter wear needs special care to ensure it lasts all winter long. Anything from cashmere scarves and sweaters, to wool coats and boots…It’s important to remember two key things:

For most cashmere pieces, dry cleaning is the preferred mode of cleaning so ALWAYS check the labels to see what they advise. If you can wash your cashmere at home, hand wash in cold water and dry flat. NEVER use the dryer or hot water as that can cause shrinkage. Drying on a hanger will cause stretching.

Wool is one of the best fabrics out there to keep you warm in the winter. For multicolor wool coats, or wool coats with another fabric like leather juxtaposed with the wool; trust your dry cleaner as you want to avoid any color bleeding that can occur during home care. Wool items usually cannot be washed, so do not try to clean at home if the label indicates “dry clean only”.

Not quite what we’re used to cleaning…

Not quite what we're used to cleaning...

What’s your favorite Lady Gaga outfit?! Ours is the Meat Dress, although it would require a different method of cleaning to what we’re used to here at DeLuxe! Have a look at the following link to see 100 of Lady Gaga’s most outrageous outfits or click on the picture to be taken to our website for more information on our cleaning of special gowns, wedding and evening dresses