Check your labels!

Check your labels!

Before you buy clothing, read the care label attached to it and any hang tags or care instructions on garment packaging. The Federal Trade Commission requires apparel manufacturers to attach permanent labels to garments supplying instructions for drycleaning or laundering. Look for this label when you are considering a purchase. The care necessary to keep a garment clean and attractive may be important in deciding whether to buy it in the first place.

Most garments that are labeled with washing instructions are also drycleanable, but some may contain dyes or trim that are not resistant to drycleaning solvent. If you have a difficult stain on such a garment, or if you want the convenience or the enhanced appearance of professional cleaning and finishing, discuss the article with your drycleaner. According to the amended federal care label rule of January 1984, no warning about an alternative cleaning method is required, so your cleaner may ask you to sign a release before drycleaning a garment with washing instructions only.


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