Storing your clothes!

Storing your clothes!

As we all know, clothes can fill up a closet in no time, and if you love fashion and have more clothes than you can count (and less space than you’d like), chances are there’s not enough space in your property to house them all. Or you’ve stuffed them into your closet and other random spaces so tightly, that you can barely see what clothes you’ve got!

Does this sound familiar? If so, then extra storage space is crucial, and we’re not talking the kind of space where you store your garments in boxes until you’re ready to move. We’re talking a temperature controlled storage facility that allows you to store your seasonal clothes in safety!

It’s not only great for storing your furs throughout the Summer season, but for storage of your seasonal garments! With the long summers in NOLA being very humid and very hot, there’s no need to keep those over sized winter clothes in your closets taking up space. Give your Summer clothes some breathing room and remove the large, heavy, ‘space stealing’ coats, jackets and winter wear, that stop you from even seeing what’s actually in your closet!

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Heirlooming… Not just for Wedding dresses!

As we all know, kids grow up way too fast! And that is why we offer our heirlooming service for Christening Gowns as well so you can add their outfit from that special day to your Memory collection!

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Photographer Max Ellis, 51, spends hours working to ensure the wild squirrels take up their hilarious stance



Heavy lifting: This squirrel appears to be pumping iron, but is actually gathering sunflower seeds that have been strategically placed on a dumbbell suspended in the air using a fishing line. Photographer Max Ellis says it takes hours – and occasionally days – to set up each shot, as he has to wait for his subjects to take the right stance

Garden-visiting squirrels have been transformed into heroes of the animal kingdom after being unwittingly coaxed into human-like poses.

From popping a champagne cork to appearing to take part in magic tricks, the wild squirrels captured in these images are gently coaxed into their eccentric positions using a variety of toys and food treats.

Photographer Max Ellis, 51, says it takes hours – and occasionally days – to set up each shot, as he has to wait for his subjects to take up the exact stance in his garden in Teddington…

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