World Cup Clothing Advice!

World Cup Clothing Advice!

All of us here at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans (except for our resident Englishman Alex) are still super excited for the rest of the World Cup, especially now that the USA is on the verge of qualifying out of the “Group of Death!” If you watched the Ghana vs. USA game at a bar, without fail, beer and sweat ended up on your shirt!

We recommend not trying to remove a Beer/Wine/Alcoholic beverage stain yourselves as this could set it in permanently or reduce the chance of us removing it completely. We advise that you leave the spots alone and bring the garment to us at the first available opportunity to let our experts deal with it appropriately.

It’s more than likely that you happened to got a little too excited, and and noticed some pretty big sweat stains in the armpit area during the course of the game! The good news is that we can pre-treat and hopefully remove the Beer stain. The bad news is that if you have some particularly prominent body odor, it may require a longer process. However, we are able to remove Body Odor from clothing with our Ozoning process that we spoke about in a previous post on the blog 🙂

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