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Fume Fading

Sometimes, we get items that come to us that are whats called “Fume Faded”. This means, not that our Dry Cleaning solutions fumes have faded your clothes, or that we smell really bad! It means that there is a type of color change usually on garments containing acetate, but some other fabrics may also be affected. The color change is usually found on exposed portions of the garment such as the shoulders and sleeves of a blouse, or the waist, or cuffs of pants.

“Fume Fading” color changes normally involve blue or green acetate turning a reddish hue. But sometimes other color changes can occur. The color change is found on both sides of the fabric, unlike sun fading which only affects the outer surface. Notice the slight Reddish tint in the pictures.

Its caused by some dyes used on acetate that are sensitive to the effects of nitrogen oxide gases found in our atmosphere (Crazy huh?!). These gasses are formed when the air comes in to contact with a heated surface. The gases collect on the garment as it is worn or stored, and color changes develop gradually. The heat necessary for deodorizing after dry cleaning can make the color change more apparent after the cleaning process.

The fabric manufacturer is responsible for selecting the special dyes that can minimize this problem. Once this color change develops, it’s usually permanent.

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Worth a thought before storing your clothes away for the season…

We’ve had a fair few customers recently asking us what to do with their clothes when they store them, so we thought we would post some helpful advice! Moths Love Dirty Clothes. Moths always look for protein in stains, perspiration and other matter collected on our clothes. It is here that they lay their eggs, the larvae then feed on the protein and in the process eat the fabric. Wool and cotton are most at risk. So make sure that you always check your clothes before putting them away from storage, bring them in to us to have them cleaned if there are any stains on them.
And make sure not to leave them in bags whilst they are stored, any dust or stains on the item will be set in by the next season, making it very difficult, if not impossible for us to clean them.

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Yes, we’re guilty of it too… We have a sweet tooth!

Here at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans, we thoroughly enjoyed our delicious Blue Dot Donuts. Given to us by one of our customers today! We’re very lucky to have such wonderful customers, and would DEFINITELY recommend them to anyone else. Thanks again 🙂


Click on the pictures to view our website, and Blue Dot Donuts. It’s worth a look!


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