Yes, we can clean Tea Shirts… I mean T-Shirts!

However, it’s probably not going to come out if you attempt to use it as a giant Tea-Bag like this shirt!

DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans Tea Shirt

The last Samurai… Only joking



 Here at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans, we have a proud tradition (that we have upheld for 74 years and counting) of cleaning unique, delicate, one of a kind garments. This customer found out after being told her kimono couldn’t be cleaned at not 1, but 2 other dry cleaners in New Orleans, that DeLuxe Dry Cleaners really should be your first destination for not just delicate, one of a kind garment cleaning, but all your dry cleaning needs! Click on the pictures for more information on our services.

Mardi Gras is nearly here!

Mardi Gras is nearly here!

Mardi Gras is getting close and here at DeLuxe we are super excited!

We are experts in gown cleaning (Mardi Gras gowns included) as well as any alterations and repairs that they may need. Click on the picture to find out more.


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Checking our clothes




We inspect each item of clothing that our customers leave us to make sure that the finished, cleaned garment lives up to the high standards we have set ourselves. If it doesn’t, we send it on back around to either be cleaned, pressed, spotted, or have a button replaced etc. We pride ourselves on these high standards and aim to make them even higher.





We Store, Clean and Repair Furs!

 We have been storing furs since 1954. On our second floor we have a secure year-round climate-controlled storage vault used exclusively for fur and clothes. The usual procedure is to bring us your fur to store at the end of the winter season. The furs are stored over the summer, then retrieved no later than January 1st. Furs should not be exposed to periods of heat because that will damage the skins. The cost for storage is $42 per season. This includes $300 of fur coverage. Usually a home insurance policy covers your fur wherever it is stored. We provide more coverage than the $300 for a cost of $1 per hundred of value over the $300 base value.
We have also been Fur cleaning since the 1960’s. Our fur cleaning process is a noninvasive non-emersion method. Our solution penetrates the fur and cleans the surface of the skin. After cleaning and drying we spray our glazing solution that separates the fur and gives the individual strands body and shine. We need a week to complete the process with cost varying by the length of the coat from $35 to $75 for a long coat.
We also repair fur skins, reattach lining, and reline furs. There is a caveat that once the fur skins have dried out, repairs can be costly and futile. A fur can be repaired but if the skins are weak and dry, other seams will rip every time it is worn or cleaned. Please ask our team for advice concerning any repairs of furs, particularly furs that were exposed to heat at any time in the life of the fur.
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A Brief History of DeLuxe Cleaners

Deluxe Cleaners was founded in 1940 by John Duplass. It started out with humble beginnings in a then new section of New Orleans called Lakeview. DeLuxe was taken over in 1950 by Larry Duplass who was President and Owner until 1984 when his son, Dan Duplass took over. Dan Duplass is our company’s Third generation Owner and President!

DeLuxe Cleaners has evolved to the biggest and best cleaners in the entire city ! The pristine facility is still family owned and operated and managed by third generation President Dan Duplass at the original Canal Blvd location.

Today, we specialize in Dry cleaning, Silk and Cashmere cleaning, Leather cleaning. We even clean your bed sheets, drapes and furs!! We are the only place in the entire city that can store your furs in the correct climate controlled environment they need to stop dry rot.
(504) 488-7733
5325 Canal Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70124-1778
Open Weekdays 7am-6pm; Sat 9am-2pm