ALWAYS check your labels!

ALWAYS check your labels!

ALWAYS check your labels! And have a good weekend 🙂


US engineers have created the “most waterproof material ever” – inspired by nasturtium leaves and butterfly wings.

Most clothes still need to be washed and or drycleaned… However, you would have no luck trying to clean anything made of this material! US engineers have created the “most waterproof material ever” – inspired by nasturtium leaves and butterfly wings.

The new “super-hydrophobic” surface could keep clothes dry and stop aircraft engines icing over, they say.

The lotus leaf was thought to be the gold standard for staying dry in nature, but now a team from MIT in Boston say they have surpassed it.

Adding tiny ridges to a silicon surface made water bounce off it 40% faster than the previous “limit”.

Similar ridges are found in nature on the wings of the Morpho butterfly and the veins of nasturtium leaves.

By applying these patterns to metals, fabrics and ceramics, the scientists hope to inspire a new generation of moisture-resistant products – from tents to wind turbines.

To view the full story, click on the following link.

Imagine trying to clean your clothes following these garment care labels. And yes… they are genuine!

Here at Deluxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans, we get the same garment care labels day in day out. “Do not dry clean”, “cold water wash”, “machine wash warm”. Imagine the surprise these people had when they checked their labels!













Have you ever found a funny or unusual care label on your clothes? If so what did it say?!

Clothing Maintenance

Although we recommend that you clean your winter clothes right after Summer ends, if you forgot to do so, you should have them cleaned now. We find that repairs are also necessary on Winter clothes, which adds additional time to the cleaning process.

It’s also important for you to check your wools for moth and other fabric pest damage. Moths are more active during the summer and may leave small irregular holes in the wool. Sometimes they may even leave a thin white stain near the hole. Its important to note that garments with moth damage should be cleaned first before repairs are made. Moths can cause weakened fibers and after cleaning these “weak” areas can become holes.

Lets also not forgot about the wardrobe you just wore all summer. Summer items should be cleaned now! And anything that was worn should be put away clean. This will prevent stains from oxidizing and becoming difficult or impossible to remove.



Fun Fact #2

Clothes should always be washed or dry cleaned regularly. Modern methods are not harmful to clothes, especially here at DeLuxe Cleaners where we have the best equipment available, enabling us to clean even the most delicate garments. Stains should always be treated as soon as possible, even though a stain may seem to disappear it is still there. These stains will “develop” over time and may well “set” and not be possible to remove at a later stage.

Come stain or shine, we’ll be open Saturday!

Come stain or shine, we'll be open Saturday!

Looks like it’s supposed to rain all weekend 😦 But hey, at least we’re open tomorrow! Come and bring us your dirty clothes 🙂

Come stain or shine…

Come stain or shine...

It looks like it might rain (again) today in New Orleans. But come stain… I mean rain or shine we will be here from 7:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday and 9:00am-2:00pm on Saturdays to clean your clothes!