Non Iron Shirts

Men are notorious for taking the easy way out when it comes to most things, especially when it comes to ironing clothes! So not wanting to add the “monotonous” task of ironing, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Therefore non iron shirts are a “brilliant” idea to many…But there are some drawbacks, so lets take a look at some of the pros and cons before you go rushing out to buy them.

Ok, so here are the pros; not needing an iron to keep the wrinkles away, these shirts are better suited to the warmer months, as you will be sweating more profusely. and sweat has a tendency to cause wrinkles. Also because of their stiffer, durable nature, they retain their shape when washed. And for those of you that are always running late in the mornings, these shirts will undoubtedly give you a few extra minutes during your morning rush.

So now for the cons; the use of formaldehyde and other chemicals to ensure stiffer shirt fibers can cause the shirts to become too stiff (depending on the quality of the shirt) And though most don’t report this issue, the formaldehyde can cause slight skin irritation. Because these shirts are not 100% cotton, they are unable to let air in naturally and can cause the wearer to feel clammy. Then a more obvious problem, the shirt fails to function the ways its designed and requires ironing.

Well, there you have it. We’ve shown you the pros and cons, both sides of the argument, the good and the bad. But what are your opinions of non iron shirts? What has your experience been? Let us know, comment on our blog, tweet us, Facebook us, +1 us or call us to let us know. Click on the picture below for more information on our Shirt cleaning.