Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend

We hope you have a great Labor day weekend, filled with our favorites like hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, etc!

But be warned, with all of these holiday favorites, comes the sauces…mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, to name but a few! And when these get on your clothes, you may need to know the best advice we can give you… Leave the the stain alone, and bring it to us on Tuesday 3rd September. If you try to get the stain out, you may set the stain in which makes our job more difficult, and could even result in us not being able to get the stain out 😦

The stain you should keep an eye out for most is the yellow mustard stain. It’s the hardest to remove because of the turmeric spice that gives it the yellow color and adds to mustard’s pungent flavor, it can also be almost impossible to remove from clothes. For ketchup and barbecue sauce while not normally too bad if just by themselves, once mixed with the oils and grease from meat, it adds another dimension to the complexity of a stain.

So if after your wonderful BBQ and fun filled Labor day weekends, you notice various stains in “dry-clean only” clothing; these should come straight to DeLuxe. For “washable” items, do the same. But if you are insistent on cleaning them at home, always pre-treat them before washing at home ( be careful not to rub the stain, as it may make it worse). If the stains do not come out after their first go around in the washing machine, don’t put in the dryer because otherwise the stain will set. Instead, try pre-treating and washing it again.
For any stains that are particularly large or that you’re having trouble removing, bring them in to us at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners with your other dry clean only items!

Once again, have a great Labor Day weekend 🙂

Invisible Stains…

What is an “Invisible Stain”?

As unlikely as it sounds, there are a group of stains known as “Invisible Stains”.

Most of them are caused by either; food, oily substances, or beverages. Although quite visible while wet, once dried it becomes invisible. Hence the name, Invisible Stain! Later on, with exposure to heat or time, a yellow or brown colored stain will appear. This is caused by the oxidation or caramelization of the sugar in the substance that has stained your clothes. It is the same process that makes an apple turn brown after being exposed to air.

Oil stains can be particularly challenging. Dry cleaning can successfully remove most oil stains, unless they are left to oxidize. Once oxidized, they turn yellow or brown, and become much harder to remove. This type of stain can be distinguished by the irregular “cross pattern” the oil makes along the edge of the stain as it follows the fabrics fibers.

If you know about an invisible stain on your clothes, be sure to point it out to the cleaner when sending in your garment. The cleaner will need to treat these stains prior to cleaning, since the heat of drying or pressing may set the stain in.



No Stains in the future?!

Yes you read that right, the Air Force has developed technology that prevents liquids from seeping into clothing and keeps them stain free. But don’t get too excited – this technology is being developed for special uniforms to prevent hazardous materials from penetrating into the fibers. Nasty coffee spills and red wine mishaps aren’t preventable yet, and still require our expertise. Read the article and find other neat environmental developments at  http://goo.gl/fjvj4