It’s nearly time to switch out Wardrobes again…

We’re getting closer to Fall, and even though the weather is still hot, y’all are probably getting ready to clean your Summer Wardrobe ready for storing away!

We recommend that you clean your Winter clothes right after Summer ends, if you forgot to do so, you should have them cleaned now. We find that repairs are also necessary on Winter clothes, which adds additional time to the cleaning process.

Lets also not forgot about the wardrobe you just wore all Summer. Summer items should be cleaned now! And anything that was worn should be put away clean. This will prevent stains from oxidizing and becoming difficult or impossible to remove.DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans Storing Clothes

I want to get a tan… But I keep getting Sun Screen on my clothes!

Asides from the Rain we keep getting, it’s hot and sunny here in New Orleans… Meaning we all want to achieve that Greek God/Goddess bronze color in the summer, and while the sun help us achieve that look, we have have to wear sun screen to be safe. But the common mistake we all make when applying it, is not waiting an adequate amount of time to allow it to dry before we put on our clothing! This often leads to stains and discoloration in our bathing suits and favorite summer outfits.

So, the best advice we can give you to avoid getting the stains is to make sure that what you’ve applied is dry before putting on any swimwear or your favorite clothing! But if you follow these instructions, and still get stains or discoloration in your clothes (not swimwear) bring the item(s) to us here at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans as soon as your can!
DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans Sun Screen

Just out of Curiosity… Should you Dry Clean your Bathing suit?

The answer is no.

Swimsuits are designed for wear in Water, and that’s what cleans them best! Some women spend a lot of money on their bathing suits and it has special embellishments or finer fabrics. They think that bringing it to us here at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans will help it last longer, but in actuality it doesn’t. It’s best to wash your bathing suit at home by hand in cool water or in your washing machine on a low setting. Then hang it, and leave it to air dry.

Tumble drying your suit on low is not a good idea, as it will only lead to damaging the suit faster. The chemicals used in Dry Cleaning are too harsh for the synthetic fibers used in most bathing suits and can cause irreparable damage to a suit. Ironing and bleaching are also major ‘no no’s’ when it comes to your swim wear!

Also, don’t forget that if Salt water if it is not rinsed out right after you use your bathing suit, it can also quickly cause damage. So please remember, it’s very important to clean your suits with fresh water after going into the ocean!

DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans Bathing Suit