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US engineers have created the “most waterproof material ever” – inspired by nasturtium leaves and butterfly wings.

Most clothes still need to be washed and or drycleaned… However, you would have no luck trying to clean anything made of this material! US engineers have created the “most waterproof material ever” – inspired by nasturtium leaves and butterfly wings.

The new “super-hydrophobic” surface could keep clothes dry and stop aircraft engines icing over, they say.

The lotus leaf was thought to be the gold standard for staying dry in nature, but now a team from MIT in Boston say they have surpassed it.

Adding tiny ridges to a silicon surface made water bounce off it 40% faster than the previous “limit”.

Similar ridges are found in nature on the wings of the Morpho butterfly and the veins of nasturtium leaves.

By applying these patterns to metals, fabrics and ceramics, the scientists hope to inspire a new generation of moisture-resistant products – from tents to wind turbines.

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One Day, Your Dry Cleaning May Be Delivered To Your House By….. A Quadrocopter Drone

A Dry Cleaner in Pennsylvania is trying a rather unorthodox Delivery service to attract customers… Drones. Not the ones shooting missiles in Afghanistan, the kind that delivers freshly cleaned shirts!

As small quadrocopters–commercially available drones that retail for under $1000–become available, more and more stores are using them. The newest is Manayunk Cleaners, a Philadelphia dry cleaner. 24-year-old owner Harout Vartanian obtained a $700 DJI Phantom drone, which he uses to deliver customers’ dry cleaning.

NBC 10’s Vince Lattanzio, who has the scoop, says the drone requires two people to operate. Once the drone is launched into the air–at eye level–the clothing delivery must be manually attached to the UAV. The drone is then flown to its destination. This requires the delivery site for the drone laundry to be in the field of vision of the UAV operator, which hampers its use for longer deliveries. In addition, FAA regulations prohibit UAVs from being flown outside of the operator’s field of vision; this means that deliveries to a customer’s precise GPS location are illegal, although they are possible. Each month, one customer will have their laundry delivered by drone for free.

We do not offer a drone delivery service, but if you would like to sign up for our route service click on the link below to have it delivered by our more conventional method.