I want to get a tan… But I keep getting Sun Screen on my clothes!

Asides from the Rain we keep getting, it’s hot and sunny here in New Orleans… Meaning we all want to achieve that Greek God/Goddess bronze color in the summer, and while the sun help us achieve that look, we have have to wear sun screen to be safe. But the common mistake we all make when applying it, is not waiting an adequate amount of time to allow it to dry before we put on our clothing! This often leads to stains and discoloration in our bathing suits and favorite summer outfits.

So, the best advice we can give you to avoid getting the stains is to make sure that what you’ve applied is dry before putting on any swimwear or your favorite clothing! But if you follow these instructions, and still get stains or discoloration in your clothes (not swimwear) bring the item(s) to us here at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans as soon as your can!
DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans Sun Screen

World Cup Clothing Advice!

World Cup Clothing Advice!

All of us here at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans (except for our resident Englishman Alex) are still super excited for the rest of the World Cup, especially now that the USA is on the verge of qualifying out of the “Group of Death!” If you watched the Ghana vs. USA game at a bar, without fail, beer and sweat ended up on your shirt!

We recommend not trying to remove a Beer/Wine/Alcoholic beverage stain yourselves as this could set it in permanently or reduce the chance of us removing it completely. We advise that you leave the spots alone and bring the garment to us at the first available opportunity to let our experts deal with it appropriately.

It’s more than likely that you happened to got a little too excited, and and noticed some pretty big sweat stains in the armpit area during the course of the game! The good news is that we can pre-treat and hopefully remove the Beer stain. The bad news is that if you have some particularly prominent body odor, it may require a longer process. However, we are able to remove Body Odor from clothing with our Ozoning process that we spoke about in a previous post on the blog 🙂

Rain Rain go away…. If that doesn’t work. Bring your clothes to us!

The weather is starting to become less ideal, with all this rain. And Winter is fast approaching. So here’s a couple of tips that we at DeLuxe, want to make sure you’re thinking about when it comes to your wardrobe and this extreme weather!
For all the heavy rain, its imperative that clothes are dried properly after wearing them. Whatever you do, don’t leave clothes dirty and damp. So first air out any damp clothing by hanging it on a clothes line or an a hook in any dry area of the house (NOT in the dryer as that will cause stains, perspiration, smells, etc to set). After the clothes have dried, wash normally in the washing machine and then put in the dryer.
Never put wet clothing in a plastic bag, as that does not allow the items to breathe and will lead to bacteria and mold growth! If you find that you have  made this mistake, bring your items into DeLuxe right away as we are professionals at saving clothes from mold and restoring your items to as good as new!

Come stain or shine, we’ll be open Saturday!

Come stain or shine, we'll be open Saturday!

Looks like it’s supposed to rain all weekend 😦 But hey, at least we’re open tomorrow! Come and bring us your dirty clothes 🙂

No Stains in the future?!

Yes you read that right, the Air Force has developed technology that prevents liquids from seeping into clothing and keeps them stain free. But don’t get too excited – this technology is being developed for special uniforms to prevent hazardous materials from penetrating into the fibers. Nasty coffee spills and red wine mishaps aren’t preventable yet, and still require our expertise. Read the article and find other neat environmental developments at  http://goo.gl/fjvj4  



The Facts about Dry Cleaning… www.deluxecleanersnola.com

The Facts about Dry Cleaning... www.deluxecleanersnola.com

Drycleaning is the use of solvents to remove soil and stains from fabric. It is called “drycleaning” because the solvents contain little or no water and do not penetrate the fibers as water does. Drycleaning solvent is not harmful to any fabric, and drycleaning is the only safe method for cleaning many types of garments.

Natural fibers such as wools and silks will shrink and perhaps lose their color when washed in water, but will dryclean beautifully. Cottons and linens, unless they are preshrunk in manufacture, will also shrink in home laundering. Drycleaning is particularly effective in removing greasy, oily stains from synthetic fibers, which have an affinity for oils.

But the professional drycleaner provides more than just drycleaning. This service also includes professional removal of problem stains that will not come out with simple drycleaning. It also includes professional pressing, careful packaging, and inspections at every step along the way to make sure that all stains have been attended to and the item has been properly pressed and finished.

We can’t wait for Despicable Me 2!

We can't wait for Despicable Me 2!

Here at DeLuxe Cleaners we take pride in cleaning your gowns, even if your dress is as intricate as Gru’s from Despicable Me 2!

Give us a call on (504) 488-7733 or visit our website http://www.deluxecleanersnola.com

Come stain or shine… www.deluxecleanersnola.com

Come stain or shine... www.deluxecleanersnola.com

It looks like it might rain (again) today in New Orleans. But come stain… I mean rain or shine we will be here from 7:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday and 9:00am-2:00pm on Saturdays to clean your clothes!


(A well deserved) Vacation!


Don’t forget, we will be on Vacation from July 1st – July 5th (Even we need a break too!) But we’ll be open again on Saturday July 6th ready to take in all the clothes you’ve saved up for us!