Clean filters means cleaner clothes


Yes, we can clean Tea Shirts… I mean T-Shirts!

However, it’s probably not going to come out if you attempt to use it as a giant Tea-Bag like this shirt!

DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans Tea Shirt

Why and When should you get your Laundry done at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans?


We all know you can clean your sheets at home safely. But for expensive linens with high thread counts, duvets, shams, multi-colored and complex bedding, and any bedding that is not cotton or linen; a dry cleaner is the best option.

We can hear you asking “Why?!” Well the answer is because the biggest issues you will face attempting to wash them at home are; color change, color bleeding, shrinkage, the feel of the fabric may change, and it may also seal the stains in so we will be unable to remove the fully!

If you’re not feeling fully convinced, please read the following warnings!

1.Bleaching bed linens can cause a yellowing of the fabric and weaken it’s fibers therefore, don’t bleach.

2.Hang drying sheets is best, but if you insist on using a dryer, put it on low!

3.Fabric softeners break down the fibers of fabrics, so don’t use them on your linens.

Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions! But if you still have any, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than glad to assist you further 🙂

Following on from yesterdays post, this is why your dry cleaning whites, remain so white!

 Here at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans, we thought we would further explain why our dry cleaning fluid always remains crystal clear, and why our customers shirts always remain white!

 Here at DeLuxe cleaners, we have a 2 bath system that stop our customers clothes from discoloring. Our 2 bath system of cleaning is unique in a world of mediocre dry cleaning. We process all our dry clean clothes by first cleaning in a bath of mineral spirits and 3.5% soap. Then the clothes are extracted and a clean rinse bath is pumped in to make up the second bath. Each bath continuously pumps mineral spirits into the machine during its bath and is filtered by two canisters which contain papered filters. The rinse mineral spirits is distilled every four days to maintain purity. This is the best dry cleaning available with the result that your clothes are fully cleaned and then finely rinsed.

  Most dry cleaners have opted for a one bath system of 1% soap. This is much cheaper and much less effective. While this may save money, it lacks the cleaning ability of a stronger soap and this method doesn’t give a clear, clean rinse. The result of poor cleaning is; grey looking white clothes and odors.

  We are proud to be one of the few remaining cleaners with a two bath system. The results are clear. Your clothes are bright and fresh, even after repeated dry cleaning.

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Have you ever had a white shirt turn grey from another cleaners?

Have you ever had a white shirt turn grey from another cleaners?

Have you ever taken a white shirt to another cleaners and it’s come back grey? If you have, that’s because they’re using dirty solvent. Come and try us with our double filter system and see the difference! Click on the link for more information

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